From the Earth to the Moon (SE)

Contents: Special case, digipak, 5 DVDs, booklet

Edition: USA

Seven (PS)


To Kill a Mockingbird (LS)


Sting (LS)


Double Idemnity (LS)



Contents: Slim digipak
Edition: Korea

Brazil (Criterion)


Great Adaptations (Criterion)

Great Expectations+Oliver Twist+Lord of the Flies+The Most Dangerous Game)


Seven Samurai (Criterion)

Contents: Digipak, 3 DVDs, book

Edition: USA

TMNT (Original TV Series) - Season 1


TMNT (Original TV Series) - Season 5


Flash Point (LE)

Contents: Special case, 2-disc digipak, 4 postcards
Edition: HK

Everybody Has Secrets (LE)

Contents: 2-disc digipak, photobook
Edition: Korea

Dasepo Naughty Girls (LE)

Contents: 2-disc special case, slipcase, booklet
Edition: Korea

Secret (LE)

Contents: Special case, keepcase w/ slipcase, postcards, music box
Edition: HK

The Twilight Samurai (LE)

Contents: Special case, 2 DVDs

Edition: Korea

The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift

Quo Vadis Domine (LE)

The Windmill Palm Grove (LE)

Open Water (SE)


The Emperor's Journey (LE)

+ Plush

The Host (LE)

Contents: Acrylic case, digipak, 3 DVDs, OST, scenario book, storyboard

Editon: Korea

Limited edition and numbered

Paris, Je T'aime (LE)

Contents: Digipak, 2 DVDs, booklet

Edition: Portugal

Jiang Hu (LE)

The Gremlins Collection